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Wills And Trusts Attorney Faribault, MN

wills and trusts attorney faribault mn

Wills And Trusts Attorney Faribault, MN

It can be a burdensome process deciding what will happen to your financial assets, real estate, and other personal property after you pass on. Nonetheless, it is important to bear the burden and make these hard choices now. In fact, if you don’t, the final decisions may end up being made in a court. Don’t let this happen! Instead, hire a client-driven wills and trusts attorney in Faribault! Get the assistance you need to make the best decision regarding your estate by calling Real Estate Lawyer Gregory S. Thibodeau. If you are searching online for “probate attorneys near me” or “power of attorney lawyer near me” you’re in the right place. Greg will always have your back! The law office of counselor Thibodeau offers a full set of estate planning services, including transfer on death deed MN.

Call his Faribault law office today. As a competent and hard-working lawyer, he will help you learn more about the benefits of estate planning.

Probate Attorneys Near Me

At the end of life, it is up to the family to see that a loved one’s assets are distributed according to the wishes of the deceased. However, if the departed did not establish a trust, the court may decide how their assets are divided. This is known as probate. So, do you need to divide the estate of a loved one? In that case, are you looking for loyal and accountable probate attorneys near me? By all means, speak with a wills and trusts attorney in Faribault, MN.

Attorney Thibodeau has over 40 years of experience in probating estates. He is especially successful in handling complicated cases. Greg can remedy tax issues, find missing property or lost heirs, and fix unforeseen problems. He is one of the probate attorneys near me who work hard to straighten out any issues that may arise and delay asset distribution.

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Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, making real estate decisions can be a daunting task. With this in mind, it is nice to know that an accountable real estate lawyer will help clear up the confusion. As a matter of fact, Greg is not only a trusted wills and trusts attorney in Faribault he is also a focused real estate lawyer.

The law office of Greg Thibodeau supports real estate projects from concept to completion. From planning to purchase and development to sales, our real estate lawyer understands the ins & outs of real estate. As a result, his commitment to quality shows in the client-driven results.

Power of Attorney Lawyer Near Me

So, you already worked with a wills and trusts attorney to complete your will. That’s great! But have you considered what might happen if you become so immobilized that you can no longer handle all of your affairs prior to death? In Rice County & Steele County, Greg is the best power of attorney lawyer near me.

Most people don’t want to leave their finances to chance. For that reason, whether you are sick or injured, you can rest assured that your wills and trusts attorney in Faribault will act on your behalf. A power of attorney lawyer near me will manage your bills and make important decisions for you. For instance, this may be limited to business matters, or extend to healthcare concerns. Regardless, Greg Thibodeau will manage your assets with care.

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Transfer On Death Deed MN

The transfer on death deed MN is relatively new (2008) and in a growing number of other states. This deed allows individuals to name one or more beneficiaries who will gain ownership of a property after the owner’s passing. After the death, ownership gets transferred to the heirs. Hence, the home is no longer included in the estate.

The primary benefit of a transfer on death deed MN is that you maintain ownership of your home until you pass on. As opposed to joint ownership, where the heir becomes the legal owner while you still living. Furthermore, it is easy to change or revoke. In other words, you control your property. But keep in mind, transfer on death deeds comes before what is stated in your will. To find out more contact Attorney Greg Thibodeau today.

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